October 20, 2010

Back to the future!

The alarm on my cellphone rang it's annoying ring!

"God! Can they make any more annoying ringtones?", I thought as I stepped out of bed rubbing my eyes. I hadn't gotten much sleep and was irritated that I had to wake up. I tried to think of an excuse to stay in bed a little longer, but was too sleepy to do even that, so I made my way to the bathroom still half asleep.
I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and tried to open my eyes wide to look at my reflection. Leftover mascara from the night before had left me looking like a raccoon. But the bathroom lights were disturbingly bright for a person as sleepy as me so I closed my eyes again as I turned on the faucet. I reached for the soap and started to lather it in my hands.
It was a new bar of soap. Creamy white with patches of peach. I had my eyes closed still and the fragrance of the soap wafted up with the warmth of the water. A comforting, familiar fragrance. I tried to recall the smell.

"The soap we always used at my parents' house!"

I shut my eyes tighter and I breathed in the scent with the longest, deepest breath I could muster.
It filled my senses and took me back to a distant past.
My eyes still shut tight, I imagined standing in my parents' bathroom.
I imagined the still running faucet was the faucet I grew up using. I washed a finger under the warm, comforting water, being careful not to wash off too much soap. Not just yet.
I imagined the bathroom mirror and it's exact position so high up that it I couldn't see my reflection below the chin.
I imagined the pink and white, flowery shower-curtain to my left, using all my willpower to block out the fact that my gold shower-curtain was on my right at that moment.
I imagined the dark brown door on my right and I imagined turning the golden knob and stepping out onto the rug outside the bathroom; a rug, worn but still comfy to step on.
I imagined walking further towards my room, passing my parents' bedroom on the way.
I peeked in and imagined seeing my dad, just back from prayer, collecting his files and folders from the shelf to finish off some work; work that never ended.
I imagined walking past my brother's closed bedroom door, the loud music blaring, almost making the door vibrate.
I imagined reaching my room, my sisters sitting inside, one sitting in front of a huge pile of papers and the other on my bed, looking bored and picking at her face as usual.
I imagined my mom calling me from the family room where she would be sitting in her favorite chair watching her favorite soap on tv, a cup of tea in her hand and the remotes in the other; my dad's cup waiting for him on the coffee table. I wanted to touch it, feel its warmth.
Just then the cold marble of the sink touching my hand startled me and I opened my eyes.
It brought me back.
Back to my bathroom, the shower curtain on my right and the door on my left.

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