August 23, 2010

The Devil Wears Prada and Eats Chocolate for Breakfast!

Having the usual 9:30 p.m. munchies, I opened my fridge today and spotted the beautiful, fuchsia and gold, box of chocolates sitting all pretty and innocent on the top shelf. The lid all done up in a big, chiffon bow, lying elegantly beside the box, leaving it half open, showing just enough of its enticing contents. It looked coy almost... inviting... I could have sworn it said "eat me"!

I reached for the lid...

"Naah, I shouldn't", I thought and quickly put it back on the box, not leaving it half open this time.

"One wouldn't hurt", said the box.

I picked it up and was about to lift the lid when I thought,"Yeah right, like I'll eat one!".

I shoved the box behind the bread where I wouldn't be able to see it and switched my gaze, and interest towards the vegetable basket.

"Hmmmm, carrots..."

Yep, I ate 'em all!

And I am not talking about the carrots!

2 cared to share ♥:

Ubaid said...

hayeeee chocolateeeeeeeeeee

Pepper said...

hahaha! temptations temptations!


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