September 6, 2010

Hello, I Am Falaxy and This is My Elephant.

I walked in reluctantly, accompanied by that huge elephant that had conveniently decided to show up just in time for the family gathering...

"Why me?!", I thought, angry and irritated that I had no choice but to bring it with me.

As always, it showed up at the perfect time, the day my inlaws threw that huge party, and a week before Eid

"I know it'll still be here on eid, and if it isn't, they'll be able to tell it was here not that long ago."

I knew I couldnt hide it so I walked in with it, hoping no one would notice it, but that was asking for too much.

"Someone will say something as soon as I walk in," I thought, "No, EVERYONE will say something..."

I looked around to see if anyone was staring at it.

Baaji was busy talking to my husband in that hushed tone that always annoys me.

"She better not be discussing me again!".

Bhai jaan was keeping Ahmed away from the iftaar table, and Maya and Reem were busy acting "busy".

"Trying to act like they've been slaving all day... yes, we can tell from your perfectly primped selves!"

Everyone else was sitting waiting for the call to Maghreb prayer to break their fast.
No, didnt seem like anyone was staring... I walked further into the room, there was no turning back now!

"Maybe I should have pretended to be sick"...

I bet they will notice but wont say anything. Like a true elephant in the room, everyone knows it's there but they will ignore it, not because they are nice but they're afraid it might somehow leave me and end up with them!
If only that were possible, I'd give it to Reem for sure, or Maya, she never liked me.

"Hmmm... maybe both!"

I willed with all my might for it to disappear and appear elsewhere.... anywhere!

I stopped to check if it was still there... ofcourse it was!

"Oh Falaxy, you're here! Have a seat, it's almost time for Maghreb!", someone said, I was too distracted to notice who it was. I had to pick someone blind to sit next to. Unfortunately there weren't any blind people present on the occasion.

So, my Elephant and I sat next to bhabi, she was the nicest person in that room, she won't say anything.

"I'm relatively safe..."

I soon realized she was also the most blunt and straightforward,

"Uh-oh, wrong choice..."

She'd point it out and then the whole room would turn to look at it! I started to feel panicky...

Maybe it'd be better if I just say it myself and got it over with...

"What perfect timing zits have, bhabi! Just in time for the big family iftaar party!", I blurted.

"What zit?", she squinted her eyes trying to locate it on my face.

"This huge thing on my cheek", I said discreetly, making sure no one else was looking, "It's the size if an elephant!", I was annoyed that she wasn't making a big deal of my elephant, err, i mean zit.

"Oh, that....", she said looking at it, "Did you put toothpaste on it?", She turned back to her guests, the least bit interested!

I touched my cheek to see if it had magically shrunk in the last two minutes...

Nope! On the contrary, I could've sworn it had gotten bigger!

I decided bhabi needed glasses and made it through the rest of the party without worrying as much... even if I did look insane with half my hair falling on my face the entire time.

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~RainDrops. said...

i KNOW what that feels like =.=

Pepper said...

heck, I think all girls would know how that feels like. i experienced it TODAY even!

but i gotta say, your writing style is awesome. im like "huh? elephant?". brilliant. love reading your blog.

keep 'em coming!


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