September 17, 2010


"Will there come a time when we'll lose touch?"

"We have lost touch before... a lot of times!"

"No, i mean completely... forever..."

"Yes, it's a distant possibility, Rimsha might come back to me, not that she will, but yes, there is a slight possibility."


Why did he always have to be so practical?! And eventhough it was so unlike my pessimistic self, I didn't believe him for some reason... maybe I didn't want to... maybe he made me believe that she wouldn't come back to him...

2 weeks later:

We sat on the shore watching the sun set.

"Well atleast you can always read my blog to know where I am and what I am upto. How will I know? You should start a blog too."

My mind had drifted off by now and blogs were the last thing on my mind, I dug my hands into the sand and grabbed a fistful.

"Say something".

"There isnt anything left to say", I managed to reply trying my hardest to keep the sobs from coming.

He was silent.

The sand in my hand was slipping from between my fingers, and I knew trying to hold on to it tighter wouldn't do any good.

"I love you, I love you so much!", I said almost panicking, trying to cram in as much emotion as I could in those last few seconds.

"I have to go...". With that, he walked away, without a word, without looking back.

I wanted to stop him but I didn't. I watched the sea swallow the last rays of light instead.

That night i started this blog.

No, I didn't tell him about it, how could I? We had already said our forever good bye's. Do I even want to tell him? Honestly, I don't. But sometimes, I do wonder if he will ever stumble upon this blog and how it will make him feel.

I will never know and he will never tell me,

becuase forever is forever...

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Nuckin Futs said...

this shakes my heart :(
Bless you, be brave.

Ubaid said...

this was beautifully written per heart rendering =/

Pepper said...


Anonymous said...

:*( You have such a beautiful way of writing.
Thanks for sharing...and lots of hugs to you.


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